Visit by Martin Simpson

Martin playing my latest Steinbeck model, Ben looking unimpressed

Martin Simpson came to stay this week.  He and I went on a walk alongside Devilswater, not far from my workshop.  We admired the wobbly stone gateposts below Embley, and I took him to my favourite place in the world, a stretch of Devilswater further upstream.  The weather, which looked grey and drab from indoors, was magical outside.

Martin loves birds, animals and plants.  He pointed out many items of interest I never usually notice on my walks.

Stone gate posts

Upstream Devilswater

In the evening Martin played four recent guitars, and we picked one, the Steinbeck, to develop a combined Macyntire Feather / Highlander pickup system.

Steinbeck guitar

Steinbeck S (Slimline) guitar

German spruce New World guitar

Bearclaw Sitka New World guitar