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  • 2015 Birdseye Maple large mandolin

    Vic Gammon is selling his 2015 large bodied mandolin. He recently brought it to show me, and it really is in as new condition, looking and sounding wonderful. The back is particularly pretty Birdseye maple, as shown in the photographs.

    Vic says:

    Stefan made this outstanding mandolin for me in 2015. I have used it considerably since then, mainly for recording purposes and for playing for pleasure. You can hear it, for example, on my 2016 recording ‘Early Scottish Ragtime’ (Fellside FECD276) and on some of the soundtrack music for the film ‘All My Life’s Buried Here’ (2020).

    The mandolin is in immaculate condition. Sadly the development of arthritis in my hands has made it difficult for me to play close-fretted instruments to my satisfaction. I have therefore, very reluctantly, decided to sell it. My asking price is £6,250.

    I live in Hexham, Northumberland and you can contact me on or telephone 01434 600526.


  • 1996 Left handed 9 string mandola

    Kathryn Wylie is selling the 9 string left handed mandola I built for Brian Wylie in 1996. The bass string is a single string, the other eight are in four pairs.

    The back and sides are Indian rosewood, the soundboard is German spruce, the fingerboard and bridge are ebony.  Brian fitted an electric pickup across the sound-hole.  There are a few cosmetic dinks on the body, and it shows it’s been a much loved and constantly played instrument. And while I haven’t been able to examine it, it looks to be in perfect structural condition.

    The mandola is in its original Clark case, now covered in decorative decals.

    Kathryn says:

    The reason for sale is that sadly it is no longer played, so it is a complete waste having such a lovely instrument stuck in its box. I d rather someone else has the pleasure of playing it. 

    Kathryn can be contacted by email:  kath.wylie@ or by telephone  07769513131







  • German spruce and Brazilian r/wd New World Classic for sale

    Sold subject to confirmation

    This is my first New World Classic.  Built without my usual curved top but otherwise with the soundboard design I’ve developed over the last 17 years, I was looking a guitar with my sound but a little warmer. This model will be my New World Classic.

    I’m so happy with the result.  It occurred to me that when I played the unamplified UK folk clubs nearly fifty years ago, I would have loved this guitar.

    Jonny Moss has recorded a piece on this guitar, it can be heard at  It hadn’t been played much then, it has opened up a lot since.

    Built with aged German spruce, ancient Brazilian Blackwood, Indian ebony and Wengé, this is a special guitar.  The Brazilian rosewood back is featured in the article ‘Joining thicknessed backs’ towards the end of ‘Brazilian rosewood for sale’ .


    New World Classic Specifications

    Soundboard: German  spruce flat-top
    Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood
    Neck: Wengé
    Fingerboard: Ebony
    Bridge: Ebony with two piece bone saddle
    Binding: Black Rocklite with red/gold/green purfling
    Trim: Arrowhead with red line s/board surround
    Body Width: 402mm (15.8″)
    Body Length: 495mm (19.5”)
    Max body depth: 101mm (4.0”)
    F/b width at nut: 1.75″ (45 mm),
    Scale: 643mm (25.3”)
    Tuners: Gotoh 510 with black button



    The Brazilian rosewood is certified with UK CITES and certification comes with the guitar.  It can be sold quite legally anywhere in the world.

    For more information, email or telephone +44 (0) 12434 673567