Verona collection

On my recent trip to northern Italy I took the opportunity to visit Massimo Raccosta in Verona. Massimo recently bought a Model 4 Dreadnought from me (see news 27 March 2012) and plans to open a guitar museum in the near future.

He greeted me in his apartment with the sight of seven guitars lined up on stands. It took me a moment to realise they were all Sobells.

Massimo Raccosta with Parlour, New World, MS model, Model 1, 6 string Arch-top, MS D version and Model 4 Dreadnought guitars

Somewhat to my surprise, Massimo told me the one he plays most is the arch-top (third from right). ‘You can play anything on it’ he said.

Most of his collection is stored awaiting the completion of his museum premises, but I had the opportunity to look at and play some that weren’t buried too deep. My favourite was a Franklin built in the 90’s by Nick Kukuch for his brother, a straightforward OM model with little ornamentation but a great sound.

When the museum opens, Massimo also plans to use it as a centre for concerts and masterclasses.