Talk in local Parish Hall

9 September 2008

Following my talk to the Whitley Chapel WI earlier this year, I’ve agreed to give an expanded version as a public talk in aid of the local Parish Hall. The hall is a most worthwhile cause, very well used and the hub of the local community. It’s particularly in need of funds because extensive (and expensive) improvements are now in progress.

I’ve called my talk ‘The Art and Craft of Guitar Building’. In it I’ll be talking about the processes involved in guitar building, how I quite accidentally became an instrument maker, and some of the difficulties and setbacks I encountered.

As well as pictures of myself with early instruments (and hair) I’ll be showing slides of various construction stages. I’ll also bring a completed guitar together with examples of work in progress to show and discuss. And of course I’ll be taking questions at the end of the talk.

And I plan to have snippets of recorded music as musical illustrations.

The talk takes place on Saturday 4th October at 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £12.50 (£5.00 under 16). Wine and fruit juice will be on sale; a snack and a glass of wine or juice is included in the ticket price.

While this is just possibly more likely to attract local rather than national or international interest, all are welcome. To be sure of a place, you can book ahead by calling:

Kate Clarkson on 01434 673946. Tickets will also be on sale at the door.

Whitley Chapel parish hall is a few yards from Whitley Chapel crossroads. The address is:

Whitley Chapel Parish Hall
Whitley Chapel
Hexham, Northumberland NE47 0HB

All proceeds in aid of Whitley Chapel parish hall.