Super Slim guitar under way # 1

During his recent visit (described below), Massimo Raccosta and I discussed building a very slim guitar optimised for use with a pickup.  He showed photos of a very slim classical guitar made by Hauser, though this went further than just having a fitted pickup.  In the back of the guitar was a removable panel giving access to not only the pickup but also a tiny amplifier and loudspeaker.

Not having heard this in action, I can’t give an opinion as to how it sounds.  But in any case, this isn’t the concept we settled on.


To start with, I prepared sides from Malaysian Blackwood, which works so well on my Steinbeck guitars.  But I reduced the depth drastically.  The sides are shallower than standard at the neck, but not too much so as body rigidity here provides stability for the neck.  But towards the tail the sides are much shallower.

The picture above shows the sides joined by neck and tail blocks, cut down to receive the back, and with the back lining fitted, and lining and sides notched to receive the back braces.