Super Slim guitar under way # 3

I have already built the figured Sitka Spruce soundboard, complete with braces, so now I prepare the back and sides to receive it.

After trimming the excess back wood from around the lower edge of the sides, the tops of the sides are scribed and trimmed to receive the top.  Then I fit the top lining and notch the lining on either side to to receive the brace above the soundhole.  I check the fit of the top to the sides plus linings, adjusting where necessary; then lacquer the inside of the body.

The back brace ends showing through the sides will be routed away with the binding channel and hidden by the binding.

Now it is ready for me to glue the soundboard in place.

And here is the soundboard in place, trimmed to match the sides and coated with shellac lacquer.  This ensures wood is not pulled from the grain when the binding tape is removed, and will be scraped off later.