Semi acoustic cittern

In 1984 Jim Sutherland (ex Easy Club of famous memory) persuaded me to build him a semi-acoustic cittern.  It has 6 strings tuned to standard octave mandolin DGAE but with an extra string below and another above.  So it can also be strung and tuned EADGBE as a short scale guitar.

Jim is now selling this instrument.

With two Kent Armstrong pickups and a Midi pickup it’s capable of a range of wonderful sounds.

Building an instrument so different from the rest of my range was a time consuming project, and successful as it was, I have never built another.  So this one is unique.

Jim says:
Unique opportunity to buy a one of a kind Sobell 6 string semi acoustic. This instrument was made by Stefan in 1984. It has a huge sound. I have used it in various guitar and cittern tunings.
The active electronics and Kent Armstrong pickups give it a very flexible tone. There is a small hatch in the back of the instrument to allow battery replacement and access to the electronics.
It bears the signs of age that you might expect from a vintage instrument. There is one small repaired crack above one f hole visible in picture of you zoom in.

Jim’s email is: