Return of the Model 1 Sicilian

I called my first guitar my Model 1. Hardly imaginative but very logical.

A couple of years later, a very slightly modified shape became my Model 1 Sicilian (the first went to Sicily), and in this form I built it for many years.

Since around 2000 I have been building Martin Simpson, New World, Steinbeck and Anniversary models.  But I have recently re-fretted some Sicilians and been reminded what excellent guitars they were.  So I have built a new version, to the original shape and dimensions but with my later soundboard and construction developments.  It is now in my catalogue as a regular model.

The backs and sides are best old Indian rosewood, bought 30 years ago and air-dried on my shelves ever since. The soundboard is 5 year old German spruce, and the neck is 20 year old Brazilian mahogany.

The first of the new Sicilians, shown left, has a non standard Wengé neck, available as an option.


Soundboard: German spruce
Back and sides: Indian rosewood
Neck: Brazilian mahogany, Wengé extra cost option
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony with two piece bone saddle
Binding: Black with red/green/gold purfling
Trim: Birdsfoot edging with red line
Body Width: 16.25″ (41 cm)
Body Length: 19.25″ (49 cm)
Max body depth: 4.5″     (11 cm)
F/b width at nut: 1 3/4″ (45 mm)
Scale: 650mm = 25.6”
Tuners: Gold Gotohs, Gotoh 510s extra cost option
Pickup: Optional

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