New World Classic for sale


German spruce and Brazilian rosewood New World Classic


This was the first I built.  It sounded so good I immediately started on a second, the Douglas Fir and Brazilian rosewood NWC in the news item below.

This guitar is a little mellower.  Still with more clarity and bite than I’m used to hearing from flat-tops, but a little gentler and warmer than my standard curved top New World.  Now well played in, it’s a guitar I would have loved when I played the (unamplified) UK folk clubs – around fifty years ago now.  Perfect bass to treble balance, nice solid treble, distinct and warm bass it would have been my perfect accompaniment guitar.  It could suit a lot of players today.

Built from reclaimed wood that sat on my shelves for fifteen years but originally will have been cut decades and decades ago, possibly when the Brazilian forest was first occupied by settlers. The Brazilian rosewood back is featured in the article ‘Joining thicknessed backs’ towards the end of ‘Brazilian rosewood for sale’ As well as colourful and pretty, it has the true Brazilian tap tone that gives that special Brazilian rosewood sound.

The soundboard is German spruce. It’s also been sitting on my shelf for over ten years, and has the slight colour variation of really old wood.

Photos and more details on my Available Now page .