New soundboard on MS guitar update

The Martin Simpson model to which I fitted a new soundboard (see News item 7 February this year) has been lacquered, strung and sold.  It worked out well. Here are a couple of quick photos taken in my office.

It was bought by Rubén Bada of Asturias, Spain; here is his email.

Hello Stefan,
I picked up the guitar this morning (which is fast for an international delivery with customs involved). Immediately I could see the cosmetic flaws you mentioned on your website. But as a firm believer on “wabi sabi” I think this only adds to the personality of the guitar and its uniqueness. I think it’s one of the most beautiful instruments I’ve ever come across.
On the other hand it’s probably the best sounding guitar I’ve ever played and it’s playability is second to none.

Thank you very much for making such beautiful things.
Best wishes,  Rubén.

When I wrote asking if I could publish his email he wrote back:

Hello Stefan,
I meant every word so feel free to use my mail if you want. The more I play the guitar the more I like it. When I play it I feel the same I used to feel when I was a classical guitar student and played high end nylon string guitars. The separation and clarity of the guitar is unreal, and still sounds huge. It has sounds I’ve rarely heard in steel string guitars. After a couple of days I feel a better player 😂😂

Thank you for this.
Yours sincerely,

Messages like this make life worth living.