New small maple mandolin for sale


Me, Colin, and the mandolin                                  photo: Janet Fellows

After several years concentrating on guitars and building no mandolin family instruments, we are now building them again.

Colin has now built three mandolin family instruments to my exact design; this is the third.  He has his own workshop a few miles from me, but spends one day a week with me showing his progress and checking with me it’s exactly how I build.
I provide the carved soundboard (and back where this is carved) along with the other materials, and we look together at the build at every stage to ensure these are exactly as I build them.

Not only do I appreciate Colin’s skill, I am also really happy with his down to earth no nonsense attitude.  This third collaboration mandolin looks wonderful and has all of my trademark sound; full details and more photos on my ‘Available now’ page.

A 10 string cittern and 8 string maple bodied mandola are also well under way.