MS Anniversary model part 9

Back from the spray booth

Today Dave brought back the Brazilian rosewood Anniversary MS model that I’ve been featuring over the last few months.  I shall leave it a few days for the lacquer to settle and harden before fixing the bridge checking frets, fitting 5-10 Gotoh tuners and stringing up.

This particular Brazilian rosewood has grain with green hue in sunlight.  I know not everyone likes it, but I and many others absolutely love it. It’s a reaction between the lacquer and Brazilian rosewood which never occurs with other woods.  It’s possible it fades over the decades, so enjoy it while it’s fresh.

Overall, beautiful back and sides which go so well with the Wengé heel.  I can’t wait to get strings on.







Old German spruce soundboard, close grain, stiff and air dried for decades, with ebony soundboard logo.