MS Anniversary model build part 4

Joining back, sides and soundboard


Back and soundboard finished

Lining clamped with strong spring clamps

Soundboard clamped to sides with cam clamps


Now the back and soundboard are ready, it’s time to join them to the sides.  First I scribe and shape the sides to accept the curve of the back, then the previously shaped one piece spruce lining is glued in place and sanded smooth.  I cut notches  cut in the lined sides to accept the braces, and glue the back on.

Then I shape the sides  to accept the top, fit the top lining and apply a light coat of lacquer to the inside of the body. Then I fit the soundboard.

The last process before binding is to apply a coat of shellac lacquer to the back and sides.  This serves two functions; it prevents grain being pulled from the rosewood when the binding tape is removed, and also fills the grain to some extent.

Back and sides with coat of shellac lacquer