More on guitar-bouzouki build

Here is the latest on the guitar – bouzouki build.

After gluing the heel and tail blocks yesterday, today I scribed the curve of the back onto the sides and cut them down.  This means the back will fit onto the sides neatly without having to be pulled down.

The lining has already been bent to shape on the bending iron, just as the sides were.  Now I partially shape them and glue them to the sides.  The lining will give gluing area when I glue the back to the sides.  Here they can be seen clamped while the glue dries.


And here are the sides with linings glued and ready to smooth and trim.

Before preparing sides and lining to receive the back, I started on the neck.  I routed a channel for the truss rod, then prepared and glued the head stock onto the neck.  Here it is glued and clamped.