Martin Simpson’s MS Mk 2 Brazilian rosewood guitar


 Now sold subject to confirmation – 21 Dec 2020

Steve Maguire is selling his 2005 MS Mk 2 Brazilian rosewood guitar.  This was Martin Simpson’s main guitar for many years and was featured on the following albums:  Prodigal Son, True Stories, Purpose and Grace and The Full English.  It is in wonderful condition (both Martin and Steve look after their guitars) with just a little marking under the strings where Martin caught the soundboard with his thumb-pick. The guitar comes in an attractive Spider case.

This guitar is built from my wonderfully coloured and figured scantling Brazilian (see photos below), brought to Europe in the early 1900s.  It is fully certified with APHA, the UK CITES department; this certification allows it to be sold anywhere in the world. The soundboard is aged German spruce, the neck and headstock are Cuban mahogany and the tuners are the original gold Gotoh 510s.  The combination of sound, looks and provenance make this an iconic guitar.

Steve is reluctantly selling to make way for his Anniversary Verona Model guitar.  He can be contacted by email at: