Left handed Model 1 for sale

For as long as I can remember, buying or selling a left-handed guitar has been a problem.  If you are selling, there are no left handed buyers, if you are buying, no sellers.  So here is an opportunity for both buyer and seller.

Martin Mathews’ left handed 1989 Model 1 guitar is for sale. Martin died a few weeks ago after two years with cancer; I and many others will miss him greatly. I am selling the guitar for Martin’s family.

The guitar has Indian rosewood back and sides, German spruce soundboard, Padauk neck, ebony fingerboard and bridge.  It comes complete with excellent Clark case and original Baggs pickup.  It is in outstanding condition, playing perfectly and sounding lovely.  A few months ago Martin asked me to sell it; this is what he said:

My left handed Stefan Sobell Model 1 guitar is for sale, a 1989 model in beautiful condition.  It’s built of  Indian rosewood/German spruce with a Padouk neck and is fitted with a Baggs pickup.  It comes in the original Jack Clark case with original documentation.

This guitar has appeared on many of my albums.  It was the featured lead instrument on my first solo album ‘Autumn’ (2010), especially prominent on tracks ‘Aycliffe Richard’s Waltz’ and ‘O’Hanlon’s Rocky Road Reel’, as well as featuring as accompanying guitar throughout that album.

It also features in my Wall to Wall series of solo CDs:  ‘Lindisfarne to Walltown’, ‘Cowraik to Sliabh Croob’, and ‘Greencastle to Carrickmacross’ (2015-2018), both as melodic lead and accompanying instrument.
All the aforementioned albums are available to listen to or download on the usual formats  –  Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc.  Over the years I have used it for studio work with Cúig, Vin Garbutt, the Jig Doctors and Steamradio.

I have owned many of Stefan’s instruments.  The first was a 10 string cittern bought in 1976 prior to joining the Champion String Band with Tom Gilfellon and Chuck Fleming. Subsequently I’ve had a large bodied cittern, octave mandolin, long scale mandocello and mandolin along with this guitar.  All have been fabulous examples of his craftsmanship and excellence as a luthier.

I’m currently recording my latest album ‘No Time Like The Present’ which again features this guitar and, once completed, the guitar will be for sale.

Martin Matthews

If you are interested, please email me at stefan@sobellguitars.com.