Large octave mandolins and citterns

After far too long, I am finally building large bodied citterns and octave mandolins again. Here is Darrell Scott playing his octave mandolin at his Blackfriars gig in Glasgow, a few minutes after taking delivery. Quite astonishing to me that he could take an unfamilar instrument from its case and accompany one of his own songs without a second’s rehearsal or sound-check. And make it sound not just good but also effortless.

Blackfriars in Glasgow is a tiny subterranean venue where you stand to see and hear the act. Tricky to get a picture of Darrell as the stage isn’t raised and there were five rows of tall men standing shoulder to shoulder in front of me. But Glaswegians are friendly and did their best to lean out of the way.

I’m now working on small and large mandolins and plan to be producing them soon. After them will come small bodied citterns.