Large bodied mandolin

Paul Hollingworth is selling his 1985 large bodied mandolin.  He says:

There is no doubt that owners of Stefan Sobell instruments have a great love of them, so much so that when they have to part with them a certain sadness seems to accompany this decision. This now applies to me. I have cherished my mandolin since its purchase from Stefan in 1985 and for various reasons have now made the difficult decision to part with it. (The main reason being that I rarely play it, as I now mainly play the cittern and it therefore spends nearly all its time in its case.)

Apart from a few ceilidhs, my mandolin has spent its time as a cherished and cosseted instrument at home. It is in excellent condition apart from 2 minor marks on the soundboard and very slight wear to the gold plating on one of the tuning pegs. It still sounds and plays wonderfully well. It comes with its original case, which is also in great condition.

Front2 577

Soundhole2 577

Binding 577

Back2 577

Binding2 577

Headstock 577


Here is one of the small marks Paul mentions – click on it for a slightly larger image.

Paul can be reached by email at
or by telephone on 07749 260738

small mark 577