Guitar body sizes compared

Usually I build two instruments together; this allows me to move from one to the other, working on each instrument while the other is glueing up.

However last week, having bent the sides for a Simpson model and a New World model, I carried on and bent sides for a Parlour guitar simply because I was enjoying bending. Because the three guitars are different sizes, there is no competion for moulds.

Here are all three sets of sides joined at the heel and at the tail. You can see the relative sizes of these guitars; the MS (top) is the same length as the NW but wider, while the Parlour guitar (bottom) is both shorter and narrower than the NW.

Cittern cases

At last I have cases available to fit large bodied citterns and bouzoukis. These are plywood cases with strap pockets, a two piece rucksack type strap and a rather garish yellow interior. They are basic but relatively inexpensive.

I hope to have Calton cases available for this size instrument in the future, but in the meantime I’m happy to offer these as pictured. The alternative option of using guitar cases lined out to accept citterns and bouzoukis is bulky and expensive.