Darrell Scott in the UK

Darrell Scott and wife Angela came to the UK in March. They were visiting friends here, and Darrell was playing a gig in Cork.

While they were here I met up with them, taking two of my latest guitars. One was a long scale big bodied D guitar, the other was my latest Steinbeck S.

We had talked about these, and Darrell’s plan was to see if he liked one enough to use in Cork and then take home.

We met in Harpenden, outer London in the home of Liz’s school-friend Pauline and her husband John. Darrell played each guitar in turn, first unplugged and then amplified. He took his time, playing, listening, playing and listening, then the same with the other guitar, concentrating all the time.

It was a great private concert for Pauline and John.

Eventually Darrell looked at Angela. ‘What do you think?’ Angela was really happy with both, but thought the smaller Steinbeck S was more what Darrell would use on gigs.

But Darrell was in love with the larger long scale D Guitar.

After considerable discussion they stepped out to find a coffee shop and chat there, joking that if they didn’t return, we’d know they’d decided on neither.

After so long that I was wondering had they really been joking, they came back. ‘We want both’ they said.


Steinbeck S and Model 2 D guitars

Darrell playing the figured Sitka and African Blackwood D guitar

Playing the figured Sitka and Malaysian Blackwood Steinbeck S

It was a hit
Both w me
And the people

Many great comments

I played to the instrument
As i do
And i very much
Liked what your instrument made me do

I went Csharp to Csharp
Sometimes even doing a drop D
(Actually B)

It is a keeper
I love it


Left: Written by Darrell after his Cork gig. A great compliment from one of the world’s very best acoustic players.


Darrell playing the D Guitar at the Savannah Festival 2019