Collection day

Always interesting when a guitarist comes to collect his guitar. Today it was Mark Dennis collecting his Mark 3 Martin Simpson model, identical to the one Martin himself plays.

Mark and Vanessa showing how disappointed they are.

Mark already has one of my earlier guitars. Both he and partner Vanessa commented on how different this one sounds and how much they liked both guitars. After playing it for an hour or so, Mark returned it to its case, looked at it, and said ‘That is fantastic’.


Mark Dennis is a remarkable guitarist, playing with energy and great variation in both volume and technique. Here he is playing my latest Verona model on an earlier visit.  He liked it a lot; it took him the best part of a day to choose between the Verona and the MS.

But after several hours of playing each, Mark settled on the Mark 3 MS Model.  Here he is today, clearly not regretting the decision he eventually made.