Cittern lining and shellac lacquer

I now fit solid linings to all instruments. These are neater and more rigid than kerfed linings, though fitting them takes a little longer.

Linings are the strips running round top and bottom of the sides which give a greater gluing area when gluing on the soundboard and back.

I clamp these linings in place with strong steel spring clamps before sanding smooth. I then notch them to receive soundboard and back braces.

Before fitting the binding I coat the back and sides (though not soundboard) of the body with shellac lacquer. So when I tape the binding in place (while the glue dries), I can later remove the tape without it pulling out fragments of wood. I use a solvent to soften the tape adhesive when removing it from the soundboard.

The lacquer also shows where I have and have not sanded during later sanding, and acts as a partial grain-filler before final lacquering.