Another possible scam

I’ve just been asked about a used Model 1 currently advertised on Craigslist. The photos are genuine and are of the guitar advertised.

But the seller claims to be ‘Ann’ living on Shetland and to be the first owner. In fact the first owner was a Finn who tells me he sold the guitar to a man in Essex who tells me he still has the guitar, is very happy with it, has not advertised it and is not selling it.

In addition, the asking price is very low. Also, the guitar is advertised on the London Craigslist but is supposedly on Shetland, requiring a huge journey including a ferry crossing. Craigslist recommends buying locally to avoid scams. Clearly not possible in this case.

If whoever placed the ad cares to contact me and explain, I’ll pass on any information. In the meantime it’s a case of buyer beware.