Anniversary MS model build part 2

Completing the back


After smoothing the centre reinforcement, I make the back braces from quarter sawn, fine grained Sitka spruce, stiff and light. I cut each to length, rout the curve onto the base, cut the top profile and sand it smooth.

Then I can scribe the width of each brace onto the centre reinforcement and chisel it out, so each brace is an exact fit.  I glue them onto the back in the go-bar jig, resting on the mould (which exactly matches the curve of the braces). However did I manage pre go-bar?

Back out of the jig, I can trim and sand the braces to their final shape.


2. Braces gluing in go-bar jig


1. Centre reinforcement cut to receive braces

3. Back and braces out of go-bar jig being trimmed and sanded

4. All finished