35 years of the best finishing




It’s almost exactly 34 years since Dave Wilson started finishing my guitars.  He started at Overwater Guitars (whose spray-booth I shared) on the 4th January 1987 and was taught by Overwater finisher Jack Clark (who later made my mandolin, cittern and guitar cases).

Dave learnt fast; he’s a perfectionist, constantly assessing and working on finishing techniques. He has come to terms with all the many changes in lacquer over the years, including the big switch to 2007 compliant lacquer in (surprisingly) 2007 and adapted his techniques to get the best out of each. His is a combination of skill, experience and always taking the necessary time; I have never seen better finishes than those he is producing now.

Many years ago he set up on his own, finishing for UK (and some foreign) builders including many of the very best in the country. And his reputation for refinishing is outstanding, to the point where his regular customers rave about him.

In the 35 years working together, we’ve become firm friends. Dave’s a chatty man and we talk about cars, bikes, instruments, family, customers and just about anything going on in the world around us.

I have never even considered going elswhere for finishing.  Dave is simply the best.