2009 Martin Simpson signature model for sale

Rob Lewis is selling his 2009 MS Model.  Rob says:

I ordered my Stefan Sobell Martin Simpson Signature guitar (MS No.42) in 2009 and took delivery in November 2010, intending it to be a guitar for life. Unfortunately, due to arthritic finger joints, I am now unable to play the guitar effectively and so I am offering it for sale. This wonderful instrument has a rosewood body with distinctive patterning in the wood, a solid spruce top and a wenge neck. It has an internal pick-up and is supplied with a yellow Calton case. The sound and build quality are what you would expect from an exceptional hand-made guitar. The guitar has been used exclusively by me, at home, and has never been gigged. It remains in pristine condition.

Email roblewis48@btinternet.com or phone me on 016974 76129