2006 five course large maple mandolin


Simon Meyler is selling his 2006 five course large bodied Birdseye maple mandolin.  He says:

This is a remarkable mandolin and the clarity of the instrument is beyond extraordinary with strong and well defined bass notes, complex and rich mids and clear and full trebles.  The Birdseye Maple is stunning and no less, the craftsmanship.

I swore never to sell this mandolin but alas, I have it in my head to purchase an identical standard four course from Stefan which I feel would be more suited to the intricacies of the classical instrumental music I currently play over the singing, accompaniment and trad tunes I had been playing and recording over the last number of years.  Regrettably I cannot afford to have both.

Stefan fitted the instrument with a Lloyd Baggs pick-up which has served its purpose and without problems.  Comes with a custom Mike Mullins reinforced case.

 You can hear and see the mandolin in action on videos which have been posted to the traditional music site ‘Tradconnect’: http://tradconnect.com/profile/SimonMeyler


E-mail:  simonmeyler@eircom.net

Phone:  353-1-4641679

Mobile:  0876383622

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