2005 New World Prototype

Brian Potts is selling his Brazilian rosewood and Adirondack spruce New World prototype guitar.  This was built with the construction features that I used in my later NW models but on my Model 1 body shape.

Brian says:
Selling a Sobell guitar must be like selling a child, a leg or an arm. Not something one really wants to do. This guitar is magical but is simply not being played and a beautiful instrument needs an owner who will not only love and admire it… but play it regularly. Stefan has kindly agreed to craft an octave mandolin for me and that is where my music is currently drawing me. Also I am fortunate to have another of Stefan’s guitars. His guitars should not be hoarded by anyone especially if they sit in cases. This guitar has been spending far too much time in its case and is in pristine condition.

Below are some of the photos I took before sending it to him, Brian tells me it is still in perfect ‘as new’ condition.  He can be contacted by email at jb64potts@gmail.com .  Brian is in the USA .

Clip 400 727h


Clip_3 400

Clip_4 300h


Clip_5 400