Brazilian rosewood New World Classic guitars

Last year I built two experimental New World guitars.  The first was Brazilian rosewood and German spruce but with a conventional flat top rather than my long serving curved top.  This sounded excellent, a mellower version of my guitar sound.  It occurred to me that all those decades ago when I played the UK folk clubs, how much I would have loved a guitar like this.

I’m calling this model my New World Classic.

I immediately started on another, also with Brazilian rosewood back and sides but with a Douglas Fir soundboard. I came across Douglas Fir around 25 years ago, and was struck by its stiffness, light weight and lovely colour.  I built one very nice New World (standard curved top) around 15 years ago, but other matters took my attention and Douglas Fir was shuffled onto the back burner.

However, looking at it again recently, this seemed the perfect opportunity to use it, its lovely appearance helping the decision. I’m happy I did, this is also a lovely sounding guitar.

Jonny testing the recording setup
Louis and Jonny setting up to record Douglas Fir New World

I’ve known Jonny Moss ever since he bought a Martin Simpson model around ten years ago, later replaced by his current Steinbeck model.  As well as being an outstanding guitarist, Jonny teaches and records; more details on his website  When I called to ask him about recording equipment to make sound clips, he kindly offered to both record and video the two guitars as well as my German spruce and Africa Blackwood Model 2D. I accepted immediately.

Jonny and son Louis recorded clips of all three; here they are.

Douglas Fir and Brazilian rosewood NW
‘e’ by Andrew York. Guitar tuned DADF#BD, capo 5th fret (pictured)

German spruce and Brazilian rosewood NW
‘AJ’s Boogie’ by Mark Thomson. Guitar tuned DADGAD, capo 2nd fret

German spruce and African Blackwood 2D
‘House of the Rising Sun’ arranged by Mark Thomson. Guitar tuned CGCFGC, no capo.

Both guitars have beautiful Brazilian rosewood back and sides chosen for their ring as well as looks.  They are fully CITES certified, certification passes to the purchasers so that the guitars can be legally sold or exported in the future.

Both are built to my latest Signature model specification and finished by Dave Wilson to his unsurpassed standards.

The UK price is £10,000, just a little higher than the equivalent African Blackwood model.  The price includes Hiscox case and CITES certification.  Price to the US including export certificate, case and shipping is $16,000.

For more information email me:   or telephone my workshop on +44 (0) 1434 673567 .

Douglas Fir New World Classic guitar

Soundboard: Douglas Fir
Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood
Neck: Wengé
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony with two piece bone saddle
Binding: Black Rocklite with red, gold and green purfling
Trim:  Arrowhead edging with red line
Body Width: 402mm (15.8″)
Body Length: 495mm (19.5”)
Max body depth: 95mm (3.7”)
F/b width at nut: 1.75″ (45 mm), others optional
Scale: 643mm (25.3”)

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