1999 Model 1 guitar for sale

John Taylor is selling his 1999 Model 1, which he bought directly from me.  It has the most stunning Cocobolo back and sides.

John says:

It has been very lightly played and is in almost new condition – it sounds amazing & needs to be wrapped in blankets to stop it ringing !!! …… any potential buyer must note, blankets not included !

The reason for the sale is that I have recently downsized homes and I have 3 very active small grand children who tend to run round at full tilt, leading me to the conclusion that it is just a matter of time before the twain WILL meet resulting in a damaged guitar and a nasty case of sclerosis of the wallet !  

The sound is full and deep with the characteristic sustain and tone expected from Stefan’s instruments. With that in mind it does not need to be driven hard to achieve a perfectly balanced sound when used either on stage or in an unplugged situation. The action was set up by Stefan and I consider it to be perfect needing no adjustment since its original purchase. I will be sorry to let it go but the time has come to pass it on to a musician who will benefit by & appreciate this stunning instrument.



John can be contacted by email:      i.m.a.g.e.group@btinternet.com

Or by telephone:     Mob.  07932 653 633     Home. 01253 885598