New webpage

My website now has a page on my six string arch-top guitar. My first guitars were arch-tops and though I don’t build many these days (one or two a year) I still find them fascinating instruments.

My most recent arch-top guitar is pictured right.

MS ‘D’ guitar finished

The Martin Simpson Signature model D guitar (see news item 11 July 2006) is finished and strung. Although this guitar has 14 frets to the body, the bridge is in the 12 position on the soundboard, giving it something of the 12 fret sound. It is deep and rich and clear with each note clearly defined; a sound which suits the low pitch and long scale really well.

Tailpiece problems

I now have problems getting my brass cittern, bouzouki and mandolin tailpieces made. If anyone can either make these for me or knows someone who can, I’d love to hear.
They’re made out of brass sheet (which I can supply if necessary); I take them flat as shown and shape them later.