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  • 1999 Model 1 guitar for sale

    John Taylor is selling his 1999 Model 1, which he bought directly from me.  It has the most stunning Cocobolo back and sides.

    John says:

    It has been very lightly played and is in almost new condition – it sounds amazing & needs to be wrapped in blankets to stop it ringing !!! …… any potential buyer must note, blankets not included !

    The reason for the sale is that I have recently downsized homes and I have 3 very active small grand children who tend to run round at full tilt, leading me to the conclusion that it is just a matter of time before the twain WILL meet resulting in a damaged guitar and a nasty case of sclerosis of the wallet !  

    The sound is full and deep with the characteristic sustain and tone expected from Stefan’s instruments. With that in mind it does not need to be driven hard to achieve a perfectly balanced sound when used either on stage or in an unplugged situation. The action was set up by Stefan and I consider it to be perfect needing no adjustment since its original purchase. I will be sorry to let it go but the time has come to pass it on to a musician who will benefit by & appreciate this stunning instrument.



    John can be contacted by email:

    Or by telephone:     Mob.  07932 653 633     Home. 01253 885598

  • Left handed Guitar-cittern

    I have a brand new left-handed guitar-cittern for sale.  Built for a left-handed customer, it has a small cosmetic blemish on the left side of the rosette and the customer decided not to take it.

    As shown right, I have fitted a faux tortoiseshell pick-guard which covers the blemish, goes well with the Sitka soundboard and protects against scratches.

    This is a top specification instrument, with its amber coloured figured Sitka soundboard and best aged African Blackwood back and sides.  The neck is from my 20 year stored Brazilian mahogany, the headstock veneer is African Blackwood.

    It has my standard 585 mm (23″) cittern scale and is fitted with 1:23 ratio Gotoh 510 tuners  – in my opinion the very best available – with black buttons.  It comes complete with Hiscox Artist series case.

    It is fitted with an active Highlander pickup, with pre-amp built into the End Pin Jack Socket and on-board battery.  I have found Highlanders give far the best amplified sound in my instruments.  This guitar-cittern sounds excellent both acoustically and amplified; full and well balanced. It is strung to tune GDAE or similar.

    I’m aware of the age-old conundrum: why can a left-handed musician looking for a left handed instrument not find one, while a seller looking for a left handed musician can’t find one either.

    However, converting to right handed is not a viable option because of the asymmetric fixed bridge.

    Tail showing  African Blackwood sides, Highlander pickup EPJS and black Rocklite binding with red/gold/green purfling.

    African Blackwood back, Brazilian mahogany neck

    Gotoh 1;20 tuners with black buttons

    Brazilian mahogany heel


    My list price for a guitar-bouzouki or guitar-cittern built with figured Sitka and African Blackwood and including Highlander pickup and Artist line Hiscox case is £9790.

    Because of the concealed blemish, I am offering this instrument at £8000.  Shipping would be extra.

    For any queries or more information, email or telephone +44 (0) 1434 673567. If you call and miss me, leave a message and I’ll call you back.

  • 1990 Brazilian rosewood Butterfly Model1

    Ian Walker is selling his 1990 Brazilian rosewood Butterfly Model 1. Ian says:

    1990 Sobell Butterfly German Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood.

    Donal Clancy used this guitar on his album On the Lonesome Plain.  It is the guitar he’s holding on the cover so if you want the hear the guitar have a listen to the album.

    It is in very good condition. It does have a repaired surface crack on the treble side. Donal said it was repaired by a very well known luthier in the USA.  It is completely stable. Donal told me this was the most stable guitar he’d ever owned … me too!

    Stefan did see the guitar a few years ago and gave it the thumbs up.

    I’m afraid that I am not giving it the life that it deserves and I’d rather offer it for sale.  

    For more information, please email